Estate Planning in the New Year

Estate Planning in the New Year

The beginning of the New Year is a great time to take a look at your life, your family and your assets and make sure you have done everything you can to plan your estate, prepare for incapacity and protect your hard earned money and property. The best way to do this is through proper estate planning. Whether you are single, married or partnered, you should make it your New Year’s resolution to establish an estate plan or update your existing estate plan so you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your affairs are in order and your loved ones will be provided for and protected if you become incapacitated and when you pass away.

For many people estate planning in the new year can be an overwhelming and anxiety producing topic. But it does not have to be this way with the help and guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney. When you work with an experienced estate planning attorney, you will be advised and counseled on establishing an estate plan that is best for you and your loved ones. Whether you need a basic last will or a revocable living trust is something an experienced estate planning attorney can help you to decide. And everyone, regardless of the size of their estate, should have a durable power of attorney and an advance health care directive to prepare for the possibility of incapacity.

The key to establishing or updating your estate plan is working with an experienced estate planning attorney. The Law Offices of Eric A. Rudolph, P.C., specializes in estate planning. We can prepare your last will, revocable living trust, durable power of attorney and advance health care directive. We can help amend or restate your existing living trust or update your last will if needed.

Our law firm not only specializes in preparing estate planning documents, we also specialize in assisting those individuals named as executors or trustees carry out the decedent’s last wishes through the process of trust administration or the process of a court-supervised probate procedure.

If you need to transfer real property in or out of a living trust, to another person outright, or add a new co-owner to your existing real property through Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common, we can help with that. And if you wish to designate a beneficiary to your real property through the new Transfer of Death Deed (“TODD”) process, we can help you with this new real property transfer devise as well (please see our web page explaining the TODD process).

Please go to our website at for more information on last wills, living trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives, trust amendments, trust administration, probate, transferring real property, joint tenancy, transfer on death deeds and much more.

When you are ready to move forward with your New Year’s resolution in 2016 to plan your estate or update your existing estate plan, please call the Law Offices of Eric A. Rudolph, P.C., at (760) 673-7600.

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